1. ALWAYS keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.


  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.


  3. ALWAYS keep your firearm unloaded until you are on the firing line and ready to fire.


  4. DO NOT load firearms anywhere but on the firing line.


  5. All firearms not on the firing line must be stored unloaded in a case.


  6. All shooters must complete and sign the range release, waiver, hold harmless, indemnification


      and assumption of risk before entering the gun range.


  7. Consuming food and beverages are prohibited on the firing line.


  8. Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel case, steel core, bimetal, Wolf, Bear and Tula ammunition,


      in ANY caliber, are strictly prohibited at the range, at any time.


  9. Violation of this policy will result in the shooters immediate removal from the range.


      Command issued by Range Officers and Range Personnel must be obeyed immediately and


      without question.


  10. Only approved targets may be used.


  11. Shotguns must have stocks, no pistol grip permitted.


  12. All rifles must have front sights


  13. All firing from the firing line (i.e. from within the shooting booths) must be aimed fire. All firing


       from the firing line is Slow Fire, that is, there must be at least a two-second pause between any




  14. You are not allowed to draw from a holster and fire unless authorized by the Range Officer.


  15. Never clean firearms anywhere on the premises.


  16. Range Officers reserve the right to inspect any firearms or ammunition for safety considerations.


  17. If you are not sure of something, ask a range officer.


  18. All long guns must have a chamber flag installed at all times until on the firing line and pointed




  19. You are responsible to reimburse the Range for any damage you cause to the Range. For a


       schedule of the estimate of fines, ask the Range Master.





  • Eye Protection (*We provide)


  • Ear Protection (*We provide)

  • Avoid low cut tops (Hot casings leave marks)


  • No flip flops or open toes shoes


  •  Cotton long sleeved shirts are preferable


   • Valid Picture ID


   • Bring your Credit Card in your Name